“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Welcome to Braving Life Photography!

“The motivation to begin this photography project is deeply personal. In 2014, my mother lost her battle to Stage IV colon cancer that metastasized to her ovaries, cervix and brain. She died three months after she was diagnosed. Watching a loved one suffer battling cancer or other illnesses is not easy. Every day I am inspired by the strength and courage I see from those who are fighting for their lives on many fronts.

I am also inspired by those who experienced changes in their lives after coming out as gay, lesbian, or transgender. In 2011, I came out as a lesbian and life as I knew it changed. This experience taught me many lessons about the struggle to be authentic in a world that is not always accepting of those who are different. The tragedy at PULSE shook the community at our core but the love, strength, and unity that resulted was unprecedented touched me deeply.

This photography project is a way to honor and capture the beauty of every person fighting to be healthy, strong, and at peace with who they are. My goal for Braving Life Photography is to create images and an experience that celebrates their life, courage, and bravery.”    -Yvette


Project details:

What? Complimentary portrait sessions for cancer patients and survivors and transgender individuals.
To be eligible for the no cost session, individuals are chosen by Yvette Waters or referred by an approved local non profit organization.
Where? Location to be determined on an individual basis.
When? Beginning October 1, 2016.

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